Cal Shower Door HeadquartersCalifornia Shower Door Corporation was founded in the mid 1930?s by Selmer H. Haugen and established at 2751 16th Street, in San Francisco.

Until 1935, shower doors were manufactured much like windows, interior/exterior doors, store fronts and other building products in the construction industry. The openings were made to fit the product. California Shower Door Company broke tradition by manufacturing a door that fit the finished opening. Previous to this, the only stock shower door that was available was a door that fit a 24" opening. All other shower doors were considered custom.

California Shower Door Corporation expanded and in 1938, moved to 630 4th Street, San Francisco. It introduced into its product line: 1) custom shower doors, 2) panel and door inline, 3) "day light 90? " , 4) 135? neo-angle stall showers.

With the advent of World War II, aluminum and metal became scarce, and an all plastic framed door was manufactured. Because of high wages in the shipyards and the dramatic slow-down in the residential construction industry, California Shower Door Company also converted to electro plating, providing necessary military components to the shipyards. At the end of World War II, the company resumed the manufacturing of aluminum shower doors and introduced a double slide unit for both tubs and shower receptors. In 1948, George Walker, Jr. Started working for the company.

In 1953,  Selmer H. Haugen sold California Shower Door to Ralph Casebolt, owner of Agalite Bronson Company, a shower door and patio door manufacturer in Oakland, California. California Shower Door  became a branch office of Agalite Bronson Company.

In 1964, California Shower Door moved to 1579 Custer Street and moved again in 1968 to 826 26th Street, San Francisco. Agalite Bronson hired Stewart Cross as a salesman in the Oakland Office in 1968, a year later he was transferred to California Shower Door in San Francisco, which was managed by George Walker, Jr.

In March of 1977 Stewart Cross and George Walker, Jr. acquired and incorporated the California Shower Door branch from Agalite Bronson. Thomas J. Nolan was hired in the summer of 1981 and became the company?s General Manager in July of 1989. In November 1984, the business moved to larger facilities at 1795 Yosemite Avenue, San Francisco.

The latest development in the history of California Shower Door Corporation and The Majestic Shower Company occurred in January 2004, when Stewart Cross sold the companies to the employees in the form of an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). California Shower Door Corporation and The Majestic Shower Company are now 100% employee owned and operated, with Thomas J. Nolan serving as President and CEO and Marcos Canizales occupying the role of Vice President. The employees have successfully (with record sales for 2004) completed the transition from "employee" to "ownership," while at the same time maintaining and expanding the company's rich history and reputation.

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